To ensure safe and reliable motoring all vehicles require occasional servicing.

Each manufacturer has recommended time and mileage intervals at which this should be carried out for each model. Some items will be checked, some replaced, and some adjusted. Manufacturer’s service schedules list details for specific time and mileages at which each operation is performed.

If  we have not serviced your vehicle before, please provide the registration no when booking in and as much service history as possible with the car. From this we can determine the correct parts and operations required. If you need a costing prior  to booking we will also need this information. The things we need to know are current mileage, mileage and date of last service, last spark plug change(not diesel), last brake fluid change, last antifreeze change and timing belt history if due/applicable.

We keep digital records so information is available to us for regular customers.

Vehicles under manufacturers warranty can be serviced without invalidating the warranty. Please see separate page.images (3)images (1)