Air Conditioning/Climate Control

Both these systems use refrigeration to reduce cabin temperature. Unfortunately due to technical design reasons the refrigerant slowly escapes until a cutout switch operates shutting the system down to prevent damage.

It is not possible to measure how much refrigerant is in the system, too much will damage the system.

We offer a “regassing” service which involves removing, weighing and replacing the refrigerant and topping up as necessary. Most vehicles require this every three to four years, more frequently as the sytem wears and ages.

More severe leaks can be repaired.

Refilling a leaky system will result in a temporary fix.

We have a variety of methods to detect and locate leaks, quite tricky as the refrigerant is colourless and odourless!

Suitable repairs can then be carried out to enable a long term fix.

For environmental reasons, it has recently become illegal to knowingly refill a refrigeration system with a leak.